Simple, effective emissions reduction for the environmentally conscious stove owner

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With the new Eco 2022 regulations coming into force, the thought of having to upgrade your trusty woodburner is overwhelming. We have the solution! The MidCat can be fitted to your new or existing stove and reduces emissions to be fully eco-compliant.

Using specially developed catalysis-emissions-technology (CET), the new MidCat is an innovative approach to solving the problems of pollution created by woodburning stoves.

What are the benefits of installing a MidCat?

The MidCat is an effective solution for anyone wishing to reduce their environmental impact, whilst enjoying the benefits of a woodburner. It offers:

  • Better than 75% reduction in Carbon Monoxide
  • OGCs typically reduced by 35%
  • 25% reduction in the solids and liquids which create particulate matter
  • Increased heat output from the flue gas due to the exothermic reactions
  • Improves the performance of many older stoves making them compliant with Ecodesign Regulations
  • Enhances newer models to future-proof against further tightening of environmental regulations

How does it work?

Designed for retrofitting to existing stoves, The MidCat is a by-passable catalytic converter system, which reduces the environmentally harmful and toxic emissions generated by woodburning. Fitted into the chimney, the catalytic converter is designed as a butterfly valve, enabling it to be rotated in or out of the flue gas, allowing for control of the emissions and draught control when needed.

What’s the science behind it?

Using similar technology to that found in car exhaust systems, the MidCat has a free-flowing metallic honeycomb structure – which creates a large surface area that is exposed to the flue gas – coated with a proprietary precious metal catalytic compound, specially developed to cope with the conditions found in woodburning. As the flue gases come into contact with the coating an exothermic chemical reaction occurs which converts the toxic compounds into less harmful gases such as CO2 and water vapour, this process can be considered as an additional combustion process with the added advantage of releasing extra heat energy.

Why do I need one, isn’t woodburning already eco-friendly?

Despite wood being a renewable energy source – and widely regarded as carbon neutral – there is increasing awareness and concern about the negative impact of the resultant smoke on air quality. Wood smoke is made up of many harmful substances – gaseous, liquid and solids – all of which are inhaled and are known to cause health problems, as well as damage to the environment. New legislation which comes into effect from 2022 (The Ecodesign Directive) mandates that stoves burn more cleanly, with large reductions in Carbon Monoxide, Organic Gaseous Compounds and Soot and some manufacturers have embraced CET as a means of achieving these limits.

However, the retrofitting of a MidCat, will significantly reduce the levels of many of these harmful emissions, and it’s fitment to some existing stoves would in many cases meet or exceed the requirements of this new directive.

How is it fitted?

The MidCat is easily installed, by a registered fitter immediately above the stove, by simply removing the lowest section of the existing metal flue pipe. Its compact design offers a neat integration between stove and flue. An ideal opportunity for installation is during a routine sweep of a stove’s chimney, when the flue will be opened and the MidCat can be installed with no additional fuss or mess.

Is it easy to use, once installed?

The catalytic converter element has an open and closed position, when open, the smoke by-passes it, with no treatment, and when closed the smoke passes through it and is scrubbed clean.

Where can I buy one and how do I know which one I need?

You can order your MidCat here today. It is available in two different lengths to ideally address the situation of all fires without a negative impact on the appearance of the stove.

The MidCat 500 is ideal for most installations. It features an access door which allows the chimney to be swept with minimal fuss or mess. Depending on the position of your stove you can specify whether you want the door on the front or back of the MidCat.

The MidCat 250 is ideal for small or enclosed spaces. We recommend using this one only where you have limited space between the tube and the stove chamber.

Please contact us if you would like further clarification.

Who can install The MidCat?

The MidCat can be installed by any competent person. This includes Chimney Sweeps and Installers from organisations such as The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, NACs, APICS, Sweep Safe and HETAS etc.

Click here to find a Guild of Master Chimney Sweep and using your postcode you can find a list of registered chimney sweeps and fitters in your area.

You can always contact us and we will help you find your local fitter.

Does my MidCat come with a warranty?

Yes! We offer a lifetime guarantee on any MidCat you purchase from us. So for as long as you have your stove and it is properly maintained in accordance with the manufacturers specifications, we will honour the warranty on your MidCat.

Where are they made?

All MidCat’s are made in our factory here in Wales. So as well as helping the environment, you’re also supporting British manufacturing.

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